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Written By Musthofa Husein on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 | 5:23 AM

The students Mawaridussalam was surprised by the appearance of the asatidz and ustadzat the fun cycling to class where they teach, namely Ustad Akbar cycling from grade son to the daughter's class, for students it may seem strange and even a bit amusing, because so far most of the teachers by train to class, there is even just walking.Ustad Akbar himself when he first came to the Future is already planning to buy a bike because so much area schools, plus the habit when students first, he always saw Ustad Gontor cycling time when teaching, and even become a pride if cycling in the area of ​​the cottage, "we were like driving Harley Davidson feels, because the bike was a pride in the lodge, let alone voice tlakson bike, highly respected students ", said Ustad Akbar."In addition to in order to shorten the time from class to class son daughter, I also wanted to create a new civilization in this cottage, which is cycling become a familiar even unusual if no cycling" added Ustad Akbar. Indeed, before Ustad Akbar Ustad cycling there have been several others who had already cycled, such as Ustad Agis, Ustad Shafi, Mahani and Umi Umi Asnah. But even so breakthrough that made Ustad Akbar as if giving shocks for others to cycling, we can see Umi Khairunnisa who was also involved cycling, whereas the age of the bike was almost 25 years. "Umi Khairunnisa graceful ride a bicycle", said Nur Sa'adah Pulungan.There is also Ustad Irfan fixing bike back in junior high school first, "even though my bike look ugly, but I am proud, because this is my bike time junior high, was sore foot because he had not cycling, but okay, in addition to the memory the past, so that we can save, train oil costs that have been incurred for the cost of diapers Nahidh "said Ustad Irfan laughing.Indirectly it turns out teachers Masa has provided a valuable education for all students and female students Mawaridussalam to live simple and healthy life, but it is also in order to keep the air remains fresh Mawaridussalam inhaled by all male and female students. (Hartati Varadifa)

Santriwati Asked Ustadz Answering

 Well my friends in this edition we had the opportunity to ask the Ust Agisnirodi Hasbullah about Slaughtering animals Sacrifice, for friends who want to submit questions for the next edition we invite contact Sister-ukhti Wazlam

Sri Almaida Ritonga Class 1CUstadz Assalamu'alaikum Agis, I want to ask ya, what is meant by Idhul Adha? Answer:Wa'alaikum Ukhti..Idhul Adha greeting is returned to remember the events that made by Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail.Santi Class 3 Int C Salam Ustad..Boleh nanya khan? why Idhul Adha should cut the goat and ox?Answer;Wa'alaikum salam..boleh ... because in Shari'a right on Idhul Adha feast for cutting-legged animals empatdengan a human philosophy that Satan tempt her general from four directions.Siti Fadhilla Rahmi Class 1 Int CAssalamu'alaikum Ustad..Ana want to ask .. how the origin of the events Idhul Adha?AnswerWa'alaikum Salam nakkuu ... beginning Idhul Adha is when the Prophet Ibrahim dreamed ordered to menyembeli son Ibrahim Ismail but a test of obedience replaced by Allah with a goat.Source daughter Suriani Panjaitan Class 1EAssalamu'alaikum Ustad..Tad want to ask .. why should Sacrifice? AnswerWa'alaikum Regards .. because slaughterhouses must Sacrifice Sacrifice as a symbol of destruction of properties that exist in the human zoological implementing SacrificeIkrima Sholihah Class 3C and Istiqfah Aulia 1G classAssalamu'alaikum Ustad..Sehatkan? want to ask .. why Idhul Adha should be held royally?Answer:Wa'alaikumsalam..Alhamdulillah healthy .. sacrifices must be lively because it epitomizes the feeling of love, the teaching of Islamic Shari'aBeautiful Putriyadi Class 1CAssalamu'alaikum Tad .. why we should Sacrifice in Idhul Adha feast, why not another day or a normal day?AnswerWa'alaikum greetings, Sacrifice held on the feast of Adha Idhul tasyriq since the days of the date of 10 to 13 Dhu al-Hijjah because slaughterhouses are carried out in addition to the four days that no longer named Sacrifice but is shadaqoh. by: Masriani Adhillah & Hanifa Aulia

Santriwati Holds Cross Country

Mabikori Ponpes Cross Country Mawaridussalam organized the event which was attended by all female students. Cross country starts at 11:30 pm and opened by the Head of Pesantren Mawaridussalam. In the cross-country event this time all participants received lessons through games, obstacles and exams they take during a trip down the path that has been determined by the committee. "Cross Country held to add to the experience of the introduction of micropore nature and environment in which there are problems and game related about scouting" Ush said Nurul Syuro as organizers Cross Country. (Amira & Yusna)

Video Profiles Mawaridussalam

Zakat And Waqf Mawaridussalam

Profile Laziswa PAST (Institute of Zakat and Waqf Mawaridussalam Infak ALMS) "From Mawaridussalam Towards Glory People"

Actually, Islam has a financial source keumatan very powerful. If the resources are managed properly, will have implications directly to the strengthening and economic empowerment of the people, so that Muslims would become powerless and the rich. Minimal not be a 'hands down' continuously.

Among the financial resources are charity, donation, charity, jizya, kharaj, a fifth of ghanimah, al-fai ', endowments and others. Even today has grown even more with the transactions more secure.
Unfortunately, the financial resources are not termenej well, so that no or less empowering people. Rich people's trust towards institutions ZISWA also inconsistent, so they want to instantly share their wealth to the mustahik. This can be seen in every Ramadan, there are still many cases caused by the long queues in the home division ziswa rich people.

Pengantri amount each year is getting longer and more. If this is not changed its management, it is not impossible phenomenon humiliating tradition of the poor will continue.
Several points are important lessons:

The more a person is rich, ego increasingly difficult to stop. The phenomenon is greater ziswa someone, the more fervent intention to manage themselves. If it does not make a family foundations, tend to want to share directly to the needy.

Ziswa anyone can manage, but not to own. The owner zakat clear, namely 8 ashnaf. When administered alone, occurred to ashnaf beyond poor. Even more sad again, lest muzakki worry diambili amil zakat exhausted.

Amil is needed in order muzakki no longer feel they have the zakat. Likewise the donation, charity and wakafnya. If you still feel, it is feared he will manage his ziswa at will. Where workers who dare resist the will of the owner?

Muzakki not amil. Then they are ready to make a program not just giving away money?
Muzaki manage their own zakat (rich people who manage their own donations, charity and wakafnya) tend to make mustahik as an object. Whereas it should mustahiklah that should be visited for distribution rights. This is not possible for some people rich is where it takes amyl, because he would be present wherever and whenever, even risk his life.

Muzakki not empower mustahik duty. Whose duty is amil. The question is, to this day how much muzaki ziswa entrust her to amyl institutions, including official government institutions? In fact, the institution, we can create something that can not be done by private muzakki / rich.
Here, Boarding Mawaridussalam want to be a role for the people, by establishing charity donation alms and endowments named LAZISWA MASA, with the motto 'Towards Glory Of Mawaridussalam People'.

Waqf is an important instrument in empowering the economic potential of the Muslims. Although not mandatory, such as charity, but the scope is wider. Zakat is for 8 ashnaf (Qs. At.Taubah [9]: 60), while the endowment can be intended for anything in the corridors of goodness and well-being of humanity.

In terms of revenue, zakat is limited between 2.5% s / d 20%. Being waqf is not limited. A simple illustration is, if a person has money 1 billion, then zakat is only 25 million. But with endowments, he could be donating 100 to 700 million, even all of them. If the charity tends to be exhausted distributed, then the endowment should be detained origin and only flowed results
With proper management, must be supported by pewakifnya sincerity, God guarantees a future virulence waqf property. Examples of endowments already widely in the literature of jurisprudence and Islamic history. Masjid Nabawi in Maddinah, was once a piece of land belonging to two orphans from Bani Najjar. Initially, the land will be granted to the Prophet, but he refused. Prophet then advised Abu Bakr to buy it at the price of 10 dinars of gold, then mewakafkannya to build the mosque.

This is the perpetual charity promised great rewards that continue to flow. Prophet said: He who builds a mosque for Allah although for caged birds or smaller than that, then God will wake him a house in Paradise (Reported by Ibn Majah). Subhanallah. Abu Bakr who pay for the land lebh da had died 1400 years ago, but to this day and until the end of the world later, he would continue to receive a stream of reward, even getting bigger and bigger.

Uthman mewakafkan wells named bi'ru home to Muslims. The wells previously owned seoerang Jews, and Muslims are very difficult to get water because it handsomely rewarded. So the Prophet advised the Muslims to buy it, as he said: Those who bought the well house, then God will forgive his sins (HR An-Nasai). Uthman then moved to buy and mewakafkannya to the Muslims.
Abu Talha mewakafkan garden named bairuha. Though the garden is a treasure he loves the most, because it is motivated by a paragraph that had just revealed to the Prophet that 'You're never going to get to the perfect virtue, before you spend most of that which ye love. And whatever you spend, Allah knows (Qs. Ali Imram [3]: 92)

Umar bin Khatthab donating land in Khaibar most he loved because of fertility and the results are always abundant. Umar asked the advice of the Prophet. And the Prophet also advised to mewakafkannya. This happened in the year to 7 Hijra. When Umar became caliph, Umar recorded wakafnya the waqf deed witnessed by friends and announced to all the people. Since then, many Muslims are donating land, plantations and other assets for the benefit of the people.
Westerners and Europeans fascinated by this historical reality. They were finally admitted that Islam is the first initiators waqf system. it was openly stated in Ensliklopedia America, where previously not been known in any legislation, both in the West and Europe.

In mengembangakan ziswa, in addition to distributing assets to those entitled to use it on the road and goodness, LAZISWA MASA also continue to pay attention to the development and productivity, so ziswa collected are not exhausted just, but it is growing and could be used more widely.
To that end, the most important thing is to pay attention to the terms pewakif, because their condition is equivalent to the laws of God (al-Waqif syarth ka nass al-shari'ah '). Both by selecting nezhir and professional managers in the field. Because let asset endowments are not managed by experts, the same as destroying the waqf property. Thus, it is to deny the Prophet desired waqf system, namely by keeping hold of origin, and drain its benefits.

Third, determine percentages endowment results in order to maintain the development of endowment assets. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Dasuki Kasaba talked about the success of waqf Al-Azhar Egypt. The secret is to share the results of waqf into three, namely 70% for donations in the way of goodness such as scholarships, allowances of teachers and lecturers, construction of schools, universities, houses of worship, hospitals, roads, bridges and other public facilities, poverty alleviation etc. 15% screened again for venture capital, both to develop existing and create new businesses. And another 15% is reserved for emergency response in case of natural disasters or crises.

LAZISWA MASA will refer to this strategy, because it has been proven successful in exploiting the results of endowments and development. Moreover, it turns out this strategy also adopted by other Islamic countries such as Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Turkey, Qatar and others.

Most Indonesian people still understand the limited endowment of land, cemeteries, buildings and other immovable property. Though there are many other types of asset endowments that much more could be developed.
To that end, LAZISWA MASA will develop some kind of waqf as follows:

Endowments immovable (waqf al-A'yan), among others, include land, buildings on the land, plants and other objects related to the land, and other objects in accordance with the provisions of sharia.
Endowments subsidies books, charitable donations of books to anyone who is in need, both individuals and institutions. Endowments of this type may be inherited or transferred to another person, but may not be sold, because the endowment should be detained asaln yes.

Endowments moving objects that may diwakafkan include cash waqf (endowment cash / waqf al-nuqud), precious metal endowment, endowment securities, endowments vehicles, rental rights endowments and other moving objects in accordance with the provisions of sharia.

Profession Endowments (waqf al-mihnah), such as a doctor donating a day in a week's time to treat people who can not afford it for free. Or a trade and marketing consultant donating one day's time to nurture small entrepreneurs. Or an architect who mewakafkan knowledge to design a mosque, boarding schools and social institutions non-profit. Ponpes Mawaridussalam has developed this kind of waqf, which the teachers can not be adequately monthly charity, also the architect who never want to be charity in any design made.

Endowments copyright, such as someone who is donating all or part of copyright or his work. For example endowments results or book publishing royalties to a particular institution. Sheikh Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ghazali, prominent scholars and thinkers of the 20th century in Egypt mewakafkan throughout royalties and books for propaganda and social interests.

Waqf money in the form of deposits and sukuk endowments. Like a pewakif or Nazhir are donating money in the form of bank deposits, the deposit was diwakafkan for education or other purposes. It's like that done by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan of the United Arab Emirates were donating money amounting to 1 billion dollars were invested in time deposits and property. In the first year, profits reached 100 million dollars; 70 million dollars are used for the benefit of the public, 15 million dollars is rotated again to develop new investment units and 15 million more are reserved for the benefit of emergency response. In the following year the profits continue to grow because there is always a 15% for the addition of a new charitable venture floating.

Endowments stock; could someone donating his shares or buy shares in particular for the benefit of waqf. It is growing rapidly in Kuwait. LAZISWA MASA will issue certificates for the shares waqf pewakifnya.

Endowments benefits (waqf al-manâfi '), which is donating the merits or outcome of something, without being intrusive origin. Native objects remain the property of pewakif. Which diwakafkan only benefits only. For example, the owner of the hospital donating the results of five rooms to specific institutions. This could forever be also timeless, in accordance with the pledge pewakifnya. For example, agreed in five years. So for five years, the results of the five rooms have to diwakafkan. After five years, the five rooms will be returned to its owner. This can be done in any business, such as gas stations, shops, hotels, vehicles and others.

With ziswa, arable coverage reduction is not only limited to 8 ashnaf alone, but more broadly to the larger interests, both software and hardware. Therefore, since the beginning ALAZISWA MASA has launched programs for the benefit of people dream of, among other things:

1. Institute of Islamic Education Development Program
Priorities of this program is to build a campus representative for Ponpes Mawaridussalam, from the kindergarten to university. However, the program is also dedicated to building institutions of Islamic education, so as to jointly developed and developing.

2. The scholarship program cadre and student achievement
Scholarships cadres and cadres outstanding students destined for Ponpes Mawaridussalam and other Islamic institutions that require cadre, ranging from elementary to university. The form of scholarships granted from registration fees, educational expenses, living costs, accommodation, per diem and other needs.

3. Program dai cendekai
The program focuses on improving the propagators intellect through training, seminars, book grants and procurement of modern propaganda supporting facilities. Due to the increasingly complex challenges of propaganda, so it takes propaganda that is relevant to the present context so that the necessary expansion of the scope of science, intellect and insight propagators.

4. The free treatment program for preachers, teachers and orphans
Assistance is in the form of free medical treatment for preachers, teachers and orphans who are sick, as well as treatment for disaster victims, victims of accidents and disease prevention programs, such as medical check-ups, treatment needs and others. Dai, a teacher and the imam of the mosque is considered necessary to have good health because its existence is dibutuhka people. Even through this program LAZISWA MASA aspire to establish a free hospital.

5. Program assistance ta'mir incentive for mosques, imams and teachers
In some communities, where clening service, muezzins and imams and teachers (especially teachers TPA / Koran) is always underestimated. Yet their existence is actually at the forefront in propaganda keumatan. Ta'mir mosques and imam called for Muslims to fulfill their duty and keep the prayer times, while the teacher of the Koran are the fighters who teach and convey the Divine Kalam to children is good and right.
Unfortunately, from an economic standpoint often their lives are less fortunate. Then they also should get priority allowances in order to better focus on the functioning of his role in the propagation of Islam noble mandate of this.

6. Program maidaturrahman
Maidaturrahman an activity iftar with orphans and the poor. This program will be held during the month of Ramadan. The plan, in addition to iftar, they will also get daily cash benefit, parcel groceries for the family dawn. At the end of Ramadan, they also get basic food parcels to the feast.

7. The program to improve the quality of library institutions of Islam
One of supporting the advancement of a particular educational institution is the availability of the library. To that end, MASA LAZISWA very intense attention to the existence of libraries for educational institutions, especially the boarding school. assistance given to the form of books, library equipment and others.

8. The program of scientific activities
LAZISWA MASA also very concerned about scientific activities as a means of advancing science. To that end, LAZISWA MASA will often conduct a meeting of scientific meetings such as seminars, workshops, discussions, to research and research funded by endowments results. In addition, it can also held competitions that can sustain the progress of science.

9. independent venture capital coaching program
This program is dedicated to empower and advance the small traders and entrepreneurs milro to provide venture capital productive. Assistance may include venture capital, business facilities and training. This effort is one of poverty alleviation and improvement of living standards mustahik charity, so that they can afford on their own and not depend anymore to charity. Including the development of farmers through agricultural and plantation nursery assistance, agricultural inputs assistance, mentoring and training. And this will continue to be expanded so as to reach a broader scope, such as fishermen, street children and others.

10. The program benefits the poor, converts and gharimin
Not all ziswa results should be used for productive needs. There are segments of the consumer which also need attention in order to soon be able to rise from adversity. One is the group of the poor, converts and gharimin.

11. Program and mating mass circumcision
LAZISWA MASA will also often hold mass circumcision, for children or converts, so they immediately feel ready to become mukallaf. In addition, it will also conduct periodic mass breeding programs for youth and young Muslims who are not able to finance their wedding. In addition to the cost for the wedding, they will also get help santuan as capital menage.

12. The program of healthy infants
Namely assistance and support to pregnant and lactating mothers, and children under five which includes prenatal care, childbirth and infant nutritional quality improvement. This includes training and health education for pregnant women and nursing. Adequate nutrient intake at the age of five is very influential on the quality of their physical health and intellect. As such, they are expected to become the next generation of the proud to lead in the future.

13. Program distribution of sacrificial animals
One of the annual program LAZISWA MASA is the distribution of sacrificial animals, which constantly sought expanded its scope, not only around Ponpes Mawaridussalam.

14. Program Hajj and Umrah
Periodically, LAZISWA MASA will also finance the Hajj and Umrah trips for preachers, imams, teachers and others who do not have the ability and deemed deserving of the award.


Protector: Boarding Mawaridussalam

Advisory Board: Prof. Dr. , Abdullah Shah MA (MUI SUMUT)
Bambang Kusnadi (BMI)
Drs. Jaharuddin, M.Pd.I (Kemenagsu Regional Office)
H. Ahmad Husein (IPHI Sumatra)
Drs. H. Arso, MA (BWI Sumatra)
Drs. H. Lukman Hakim Srg, MA (MUI Deli
Muhammad Siddiq (DDII Jakarta)
Drs. Shaheed Marqum, S.Pd.I (Mawaridussalam)

Sharia Board: Dr. H. Sofyan Saha, MA
Dr. H. Zaenal Arifin Zakaria, MA
Drs. Basron Sudarmanto, S.Pd.I
Hj. Nur Aisyah Simamora, MA

Supervisory Board: Dr. H. Aminullah
H. Fajrul Haq, MA
Agisnirrodi Hasbullah, S.HI, S.Pd.I

Director: H. Abdul Wahid Sulaimanm Lc, S.Pd.I

Secretary: Arief Persada Lift

Treasurer: M. Zaenul Muttakin, S.Fil.I

Funding Division: M. Harmain, SE, S.Pd.I
(Fundrising) Supar Wasesa, SE, MM
Ir. Syahriadi

Development Division: Drs. Junaidi
Mahani, S.Ag, S.Pd.I

Division of Program and Research: Nurrokhman, SH
Rozzaqul Hasan, S.Pd.I
Siti Khadijah, M.Pd.I

Inter-Institutional Relations Division: HM Syafii Lubis, S. Sos, S.Pd.I
Heri Kiswanto, S.Pd.I

Division Information: M. Irfansyah Son, SE
Rajuddin Saragih, S.HI, S.Pd.I

Distribution Division: Ahmad Mafaid Nasution, S.Pd.I
Habib Putut
Nurul Syuro Nasution

Address: Boarding Mawaridussalam
Jl. Peringgan Hamlet Village III Tumpatan Nibung
Quiz stem Deli Serdang 20372


Written By admin on Friday, June 29, 2012 | 2:17 AM

There is no denying that the Muslims of Indonesia, also Muslims all over the world, divided into various tribes, nations, countries and languages , they are also divided into streams of religious schools, groups and organizations both in the field of political movements, social, economic, or other. These facts indicate a differentiating factor that varies.Therefore, all the basic classification should not be used as a basic human differences that lead to the emergence of conflicts and divisions among them. So Mawaridussalam always try to instill awareness on this subject and teaches a bond of brotherhood in religion (ukhuwwah diniyyah).

On the other hand, many educational institutions are still lame. There are a concentration in general science, or in religious knowledge only. Yet students must be educated with both science. There are also educational institutions established by certain groups to inculcate the ideology of class to excess. Thus a rises the fanaticism of groups and divisions among the people.Learning from these phenomena, then the founders sought to release Mawaridussalam from narrow interests of particular classes and groups, by raising the motto “Mawaridussalam stand above and for all.


Thinking may vary, but the way of thinking in reaching a desired logic can be equated. The similarity of this way of thinking make a super team in running the Mawaridussalam programs. Like playing ball, the longer concentrated in one team, the more able to recognize each other habits and how to play each, so the ball can be passed to anywhere easily accepted and forwarded to a goal.In managing the islamic boarding school, teachers must have a common way of thinking. According Gontor language ‘must be Gontor culture’. To that end, in mid January 2009, Mawaridussalam send teachers and their wife went to the Gontor islamic modern boarding school to see directly in Gontor and visit to KH. Abdullah Syukri Zarkasyi, also to a Darunnajah islamic boarding school, Jakarta and a visit to Mr. Drs. K.H. Sofwan Manaf. Those who joined this group is Mr. Abdul Wahid Sulaiman, Mr. Supar Wasesa, Mr. M. Harmain, Mr. H. M. Syafii Lopez, Mrs. Mahani, Mrs. Asnah Sembiring and Mrs. Choirunnisa
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